“The moonlight looks good on you.” — Elliot Fintry, Saving Elliot  (via beeerito)

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I could go for a new fifty chapter fic by jelena right now

Also some nachos

Maybe a corona

And a puppy snuggled at my feet



Hiatus Drabble Project 6/13: In Absentia
Five times Tony DiNozzo kissed a woman, and the one time he got it right



The first time Tony DiNozzo kisses a woman, she’s not quite a woman. Her name is Anna, the daughter of a Persian business man whose family is…

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Law class would be awesome if it wasn’t for the type of people who play the what if game for every single case and detail oH MY GOD SHUT UP AND LET THE PROFESSOR MOVE ON

Received 2 voicemails during class with the Alabama area code. Tamiqua, if you’re out there, Lucille wants you to know you’re a crackhead. Give her a call.

Tony&Ziva | I guess she was

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