this should already go without saying but i just want to reiterate to my followers that if there’s ever something that comes out in the US that you can’t get your hands on because you’re in another country, whether it’s tv guides or magazines or something else, i’m always willing to help you out and send things to you. i promise i don’t mind so don’t be afraid to ask.

just don’t ask me to send you like, cote de pablo or something. i can’t do that. and if i could i’d keep her for myself

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    ^^ see? we’re both happy to help!
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    That’s really nice of you! I’m not sure if I can provide you with sth from Europe, but I would definitely try my best to...
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    I second that ^_^
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    Did I ever tell you how amazing you are?! And how much I do love you?! Because wow you are the awesomeness in person!...
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    *adding to lists of reasons why we love Jae* You’re amazing sweetie :)
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    awww come here Jae, Elsi is give to you a big hug :D
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